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Somebody, please save me. Every four months, we have to prep for our seasonal sales meetings and I end up putting in so many hours at work I might…

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National Licorice Day

I’m trying to get over this sad news and so would like to focus instead on the fact that today is National Licorice Day. While this isn’t exactly an…

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Empty container

Today’s post brought to you by the letter E and the number 0. I was fortunate to have off work on Monday and, instead of researching ways to save…

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Fork it.

Marc and I took a wonderful walk on Sunday through Greenwich Village. It was a rare, unseasonably warm day for April. I’ve been struggling with some obscure stomach virus…

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Vive la French Toast!

Not many meals can give me such a warm and fuzzy feeling as French toast. Since childhood, I look forward to Sunday breakfast to include freshly-squeezed orange juice and…

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Me & My Smoothie

Ah, the delicious blend of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. Who knew, at 36, I’d go back to eating baby food? But there’s something to say in being able…

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