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The brunch bunch: city style

Today, eight of us gals spent a gorgeous, sunny Saturday in the West Village eating and chatting over a delicious brunch at Agave. Smooth adobe walls, spruce-fir-latticed ceilings and…

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Olive you.

Welcome, class, to today’s Fresh Pick: OLIVES & OLIVE OIL The olive branch has long been a symbol of peace, and the silvery-leaved olive tree has been considered sacred…

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Simply delicious: Part 2

If your weekend weather is anything like ours here in NYC, you’ll want to be outside playing instead of home cooking, but, in case it’s not, here are some…

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I just came back from a wake for a family friend who passed away on Tuesday from Scleroderma (which is the only disease that I know of that completely…

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I didn’t feel well yesterday, so I called out of work and slept from 7:00 am to 1:15 pm. I eventually felt better after feeding myself and watching a…

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Eat, read, and be happy.

My first book club meeting with the gals. Our book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.Our restaurant: 2nd Ave Deli, or, as I like to call…

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Fried potatoes

Dear D.S., Thank you for contacting me back in April on As you can see, I still have yet to open and read your e-mail. If you think…

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Musical fruit

On Thursday evening, T and I went to the Verizon Presents Two Nights of Soul performance at Radio City Music Hall which featured Robin Thicke and Chaka Khan opening up for…

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On Tuesday, I Windexed my shirt thinking it was Febreze. This morning, I stepped into the shower with my glasses on. Pray tell, is this the onset of senility…

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