Nutrition Counseling Testimonials

Dina really cares about her clients; she is dedicated and patient and spends the necessary time to get to know you. EP

Very helpful and passionate about helping me reach my goals.
– KB

Dina is AMAZING. She cares about the WHOLE person not just the nutrition aspect. She is super nice and easy to talk to. – MM

Dina goes above and beyond to make sure that our understanding about food is positively changed. She provides realistic solutions/resources on how to make changes daily- individualized for a person’s lifestyle. She is a great dietitian/nutritionist! She is very passionate about what she does and it shows. She provides great resources that are individualized for your food/diet lifestyle. Beyond assisting you on how to build a positive relationship with food, Dina really cares for YOU-the person! She’s very knowledgeable and truly cares! – LC

The information Dina provided was very detailed and catered to my needs exclusively. She is excellent at follow-up, very timely. Our sessions are helpful and I am learning new things. The mindfulness and accountability of our bi-weekly check-ins help me stay motivated. – DP

Working with Dina is always a pleasure. She has great ideas about dietary changes you could make to directly impact your life and health. She will follow-up those ideas with links and information to help make your lifestyle changes easier. She is smart, funny, easy to talk to, and great at being a coach to help you succeed.

 – KD

What I liked most was that the agenda was a little different each session, which kept the program exciting, diverse, and covered the different objectives identified in [my] New Client Questionnaire…and learning from such a passionate, open, inspiring woman.

 – LM

Dina is one of the sweetest and kindhearted people you’ll ever meet! She really shows that she’s listening and provides support to her fullest with no judgment. She’s very knowledgeable providing lifestyle/diet-related changes that are best suited to you. – SR

Took the time to get to know me personally and educate me on essential nutritional concepts! – JB

Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring, and overall a wonderful person. – BA

Dina is amazing and caring. She is very dedicated to her purpose and, I imagine, treats every client with the same respect and attention that she gives me. Keep Dishing Dina!! – DW

Dina is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing her expertise on nutrition. I learned quite a bit and feel more confident on the changes I need to make to improve my health. Thanks Dina! – EE

Dina is extraordinarily meticulous in her approach, has a great attitude, and is a pleasure to work with.

 – DS

Dina’s an all-around great person to work with. Very caring and professional. Would absolutely recommend working with her.

 – KG

I am very impressed with the service Dina provides. Dina worked with me as a personal nutritionist for one year. I had an extremely positive experience with her. She taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food that was customized to my lifestyle. Every session was thoroughly thought-out and tailor-made to my needs. Dina is warm, funny, very professional and tremendously knowledgeable in her field. Any issue or topic I may have brought up, even in passing, was addressed right away. While I’ve never considered myself a ‘bad’ eater, I feel that now I’ve learned to fine-tune my diet. I also love Dina’s gentle-yet-firm approach to any resistance from me. She always offers clear, concise resolutions that are ‘doable.’ I would highly recommend her services! – RM

Business Coaching Testimonials

What I like about being a part of the [coaching group] is meeting like-minded people who strive to achieve new goals [in a] safe and supportive environment in which to share struggles and successes. Dina is an inspiring leader and keeps the [group] on track without making me feel like I haven’t had enough time to share or request input. What I like the most is that it’s forced me to focus more intently on accomplishing my goals by holding me accountable for the steps that need to be taken to make that happen! – Anonymous

Dina is amazing! This is an excellent, positive, and motivating experience and everyone should be so lucky to know someone willing to put together this type of group! I like the camaraderie. I like the support. I like other perfectionists admitting that they are not always perfect either. I love accountability. – Anonymous

Dina goes above and beyond the call of normal duties. Her enthusiasm is unmatched and that energy spreads in all directions, inspiring me to achieve my goals, whether they be short-term or long-term. – DC

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing & thoughtful stewardship you’ve shown as a preceptor and mentor. I am constantly in awe of all you take on and the zest with which you accomplish it- especially because you are able to manage all of these things with absolute high quality. I hope you know your dedication does not go unnoticed! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated the flexibility and focus on mental health during your rotation after a grueling internship so far. It has been such a pleasure to learn and grow more in terms of the entrepreneurial aspect of dietetics and you have motivated me to think outside the box in where my career could go! You are a breath of fresh air as far as preceptors and RDs go, and I’m so lucky to have gotten to learn from you! Thank you again for all of the resources, connections, and guidance you have shared. I hope to always remain part of your circle! – CM

Dina is amazing!! I did her mock interview last year when I was preparing for DI interviews & she gave some great feedback.
– ML

I would also like to say that Dina was absolutely AMAZING at preparing me for my DI interview. She made me feel so comfortable talking over video chat and she strategized with me to enhance my responses to both clinical and situational interview questions. The interview is equally as important to understand and master to really show how passionate you are about the program but give them the opportunity to also learn about you and see if you would fit well with their program. Thanks to Dina, I felt SO comfortable going into my interviews and I matched to my top choice (Duke). I highly recommend her to students who are applying!! – KH

I must recommend Dina, too! She deserves a GOLDEN REVIEW. She helped me so much, cannot emphasize enough how prepared I felt answering tough clinical questions after working with her. She 100% helped me match to my top choice – Sodexo, Denver! – MM

Participating in the [coaching group] was a valuable and enriching experience that helped my business grow in new directions. Dina motivated and challenged us to work together and individually to further our goals. She kept us all on track with her professionalism, compassion, and her unique style of humor. Her knowledge and expertise guided all of us in positive directions, whatever profession, or life situation we were in. I highly recommend working with Dina. You will be so happy you did. – KC

Dina embraces everything that she does. Her work ethic is top-notch. She is a great communicator and I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with her. – BS

Dina is a fantastic problem-solver and can work with any kind of personality. She will motivate you and get you results you didn’t even know were possible. – EC

I was kind of intimidated to do the mock interview (even though you ended up being so wonderful) because I had no idea what to expect. You helped me get into my top choice and I think it’s so helpful for anyone who is nervous about the interview portion.
– SW

As I planned for my dietetic internship, Professor Dina helped me with a mock interview. The questions we reviewed were similar to the questions the director asked me; and I felt confident in my responses. The mock interview equipped me with questions I would encounter in a real world setting. Professor Dina is attentive with details and as a result of working with her, I felt more prepared to secure the internship position I was seeking. I would recommend her services with high regards. – MT

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with Dina for my 3 DI rotations! She is an incredible person who I can’t find the best word for. As a preceptor, she is professional, knowledgeable, dependable, and willing to devote her time to help interns altruistically. She shared her experience and resources with us and tried to offer the best help she could. Dina is very organized and detailed when assigning interns/ volunteers works to do. She also gives a lot of freedom and allows interns to add our own ideas into projects. Dina expanded my view in the dietetic fields and let me see so many possibilities in this career. Her passion for her work motivated me to do better in all my projects. As a coach, Dina is caring, supportive and empathetic. She cares about all her interns. Because of her support and encouragement, I have become more confident when I explain my ideas to others! Dina is truly a gift! I can’t express my appreciation more! I hope Dina can achieve all her dreams and goals in the near future and I wish you all the best! – LL

My experience with Dina was one of so much learning. Dina is not stingy with her knowledge, and I am glad I got the opportunity to work with her. She is very organized, and professional is all her dealings and treated me well. She taught more than Corporate Wellness, but shared the ins and out of our profession, especially in private practice. I also loved that she always checked in on our mental health, considering how stressful this journey has been. I believe she is an asset in coaching new and upcoming RDs. Any intern would flourish working with Dina. CP