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Bigger Fish to Fry

When it comes to getting away (from it all and for a decent stretch of time), how often is too often, if there even is such a thing? How…

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Bite me

I am not a math whiz, but… During my cross-country road trip in March, I prepared and planned my meals so as not to rely on any fast or…

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Spaghetti westerner

Saluti, amici! Sono eccitato che sto andando per un meraviglioso viaggio a Roma per visitare mio cugino. Tornerò in una settimana e avrà alcune fantastiche foto da condividere. Godetevi…

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Basta, pasta.

Greetings from Rome! After landing here on Wednesday morning and suffering a nasty bout of both jet lag and a head cold, I’m finally starting to gain lucidity and…

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Amuse bouche

“Wherever you go, there you are.” Originally, I believed that, so help me, dog, if I heard this frickin’ adage one more time, I was going to swallow my…

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See food.

どうもありがとう to the wonderfully chatty sushi chef at Teppan Hibachi Steak House for keeping me company—despite his very broken English and my inability to hear over the din of…

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