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Ain’t nothing better after spending entirely too many unpaid hours on a Sunday at work than ordering the Coco Shrimp Plato at Boca Chica, located at 1st Ave &…

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Cheap eats

Kudos to M for organizing a kick-butt evening at Karaoke One Seven on W. 17th Street where I sang so loud and so hard that I definitely busted a vocal…

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Shared plates

This weather can bite me. I wish it would make up its frickin’ mind – cold or hot? Which is it already? I can’t keep stashing my cords, boots,…

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Crock Pot: Sixth Installment

A while back, Marc and I enjoyed a late-night dinner at Vong*, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Upper East Side restaurant where the cuisine is an “amalgam of carefully crafted French technique…

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See food.

どうもありがとう to the wonderfully chatty sushi chef at Teppan Hibachi Steak House for keeping me company—despite his very broken English and my inability to hear over the din of…

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