That smell

Our air conditioner just kicked on and the initial burst of cool air smelled like bologna. Is that weird?

A grain of salt.

An open letter to any one of the three drunken college boys sitting next to me on the PATH train this evening:You’re a tool.Love, Dina


Oh, dear. I’ve done it again.

A couple of old hams.

One of my very best friends and I are planning a three-week cross-country road trip next May to commemorate our turning forty. We plan on staying no more than 24 hours in one place to be able to cover as much ground as possible and we want to get a real, local flavor...


I just came back from a wake for a family friend who passed away on Tuesday from Scleroderma (which is the only disease that I know of that completely freaks me out). She was a wonderful woman who was full of smiles and yummy cooking and will be sorely missed by...