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Cold cuts

I’m sick.  I’ve been pretending like I wasn’t, but, finally, this morning, I gave in and canceled all my plans for the day, lied down on the sofa, and…

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Chew on this

I’m slowly getting this blog back up and running—finally—but it’s taking a while. New stuff is above, but you can check out the old posts below while you wait.  E-mail me…

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I went out tonight for my nightly walk around the neighborhood. When I walk, I walk quickly and I don’t like to stop or slow down, so I set…

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I couldn’t get enough of the great deals during Restaurant Week ($35 three-course dinners at some of the city’s best restaurants), so I reserved a table at Django where…

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Bite of the apple.

It’s Restaurant Week this week (last week, too, actually), so I enjoyed a fantastic dinner—probably one of the best I’ve eaten in months—this evening with L at Marcus Samuelsson’s…

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Dinner with friends.

L offered to make a risotto dinner for E and I (well, ok, we begged her to) at her place on the Upper East Side this evening. Risotto is…

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Tastes Like Chicken

The is the third day in a row for me at work where I haven’t left before 9:00 pm, so I’m beateded and heading to bed, but before I…

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Mea cuppa.

After a rather harrowing week, I was thrilled to find out that L would be joining me for a cup of tea at MUD (a great, little dessert and…

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Simply delicious: Part 5

One of my favorite magazines (and websites) is Real Simple, so I’m here to share with you some fantastic articles that I’ve recently come across: 7 Easy Kebab Recipes:…

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