How I found out about different spices.

by | Nov 13, 2005

A month ago, E, my co-worker friend of mine and I were told there was a “cheap eats” place called Spice in Union Square on University Place. So we walked, and waited, and ate, and found out that somebody had a warped sense of what “cheap” meant to two women living in NYC.

Then, tonight, another friend, Y, said she wanted to have dinner at Spice on University Place and I’m all, “Whatever, Mrs. Moneybags. I, unfortunately, am not financially fit enough to splurge on such a meal if it’s all the same to you, thank you very much,” to which she retorted, “My gosh, how little do you actually spend on dinner?”

Well, apparently, there are two restaurants that have the name “Spice.” They are both located on University Place, and they are three doors apart from each other.

The more expensive one is the one you hit first if you’re walking south on University.

This is the more expensive one:


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