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Leftovers in containers on a counter

Recipe: Leftovers Salad

The East Village is not exactly known for its spacious apartments. As a matter of fact, my building, much like many of the surrounding ones, is a renovated tenement,…

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Quasi-recipe: Lovely lentils

Inspired by one of my favorite side dishes at LIC Market, I set off to incorporate lentils into my salad yesterday.  There are so many good things about lentils and…

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Recipe: It’s quinoa-nderful!

Instead of oatmeal, I sometimes like to use quinoa for my morning meal.  It’s just as nutty, filling, and tasty as an instant oatmeal package would be, but better, nutritionally…

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Garlicky goodness

Welcome, class, to today’s Fresh Pick: GARLIC Garlic has long been credited with providing and prolonging physical strength and was fed to Egyptian slaves building the giant pyramids. Throughout…

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Simply delicious: Part 5

One of my favorite magazines (and websites) is Real Simple, so I’m here to share with you some fantastic articles that I’ve recently come across: 7 Easy Kebab Recipes:…

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Simply delicious: Part 4

It’s time for ice cream and who better to dish up some great recipes than Real Simple? Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Recipes: Put your ice cream maker to good use…

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Mascarpone. How cheesy.

Welcome, class, to today’s Fresh Pick: MASCARPONE Hailing from Italy’s Lombardy region, mascarpone is a buttery-rich double- to triple-cream cheese made from cow’s milk. It is ivory-colored, soft…

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Do you Dijon?

Welcome, class, to today’s Fresh Pick: DIJON MUSTARD Hailing originally from Dijon , France, this pale, grayish-yellow mustard is known for its clean, sharp flavor, which can range from…

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