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Fork it.

Marc and I took a wonderful walk on Sunday through Greenwich Village. It was a rare, unseasonably warm day for April. I’ve been struggling with some obscure stomach virus…

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Vive la French Toast!

Not many meals can give me such a warm and fuzzy feeling as French toast. Since childhood, I look forward to Sunday breakfast to include freshly-squeezed orange juice and…

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Me & My Smoothie

Ah, the delicious blend of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. Who knew, at 36, I’d go back to eating baby food? But there’s something to say in being able…

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Potayto, potahto.

Day 280, 85 days to go before end of year. And, once again, I have about four things to show for it. Not good for someone who FranklinCoveyizes her…

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Let it rest.

I need sleep. I believe there’s a reason why 8 hours of sleep is the recommended nightly dosage–because otherwise my mind turns to mush, I say stupid things before…

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