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Dina R DAlessandro, RDN, CN, PLLC

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I am committed to helping people embrace and develop new relationships with food, whether that means incorporating a healthier way of eating into your normal routine, establishing better at-home meal-planning skills, or managing a chronic condition through food modifications.

I gauge my success on my clients’ progress and my philosophy is based heavily on one of the greatest coaches of all time John Wooden’s quote: “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” The strategy for success is how well prepared you are to get from the first step to the last. I acknowledge and appreciate that everybody is different. There is no one diet, fitness regimen, daily routine, or productivity program that suits everyone. I help my clients integrate new habits and achieve their goals in a realistic and sustainable way.

Food is but one factor in leading a healthful lifestyle;there is so much more to learn from every person you meet, every situation you encounter…and yourself. There is always an opportunity to be a better, healthier person.