Open Wide: June 2017 Edition

If I ever decided to print out the unabridged version of my running to-do list, it would probably require a dozen reams of paper. Sometimes, I take a look at that list and get incredibly overwhelmed––how is it possible I’ll ever accomplish all those tasks, attend all those conferences, network with all those people, if I want to meet my goals by a certain time? But I also get excited when I see all of my hopes and dreams written down and start visualizing my future and what success means to me.

Desk & Breakfast

Building an empire requires a hearty breakfast.

I often forget to reflect on the completed items, the things I set out to to do and did. When I look back at that log of checked-off items, I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how much closer I’m getting to creating the life I want to live and the career I want to have, becoming an expert in my field, and (hopefully) making a difference in people’s lives.

This week, I’ll purposely be carving out some time for reflection when I meet with two of my dear friends, who are also in the health and wellness field. These lovely ladies are part of my 2017 Board Meetings (a type of mastermind group). We meet every month, but this time, we will be at our half-way mark, allowing us to be grateful for goals we’ve met over the past six months, review goals not yet met, and revise any forward-planning items to realistically achieve whatever we can by year-end. Much like how the summer solstice signifies the time when days begin getting shorter and shorter, at this point in the year, we tend to sit back and put ourselves on auto-pilot, doing less and less, riding it out until the holiday season appears and telling ourselves we’ll just catch up in the new year. For my Board Meeting members and myself, June gives us the opportunity to re-energize and keep the momentum––and motivation––going for the next six months.

What successes have you achieved so far this year? What challenges have you had to face? Are you impressed with or disappointed in yourself? Have you been ignoring some of the more difficult tasks out of fear, lack of time, or another reason? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

If you’d like to be a part of our 2018 Board Meetings, please keep an eye out for an announcement here and on our Facebook page around mid-October. There is no cost to join, but you do have to attend monthly in-person meetings in the NYC area.

One thought on “Open Wide: June 2017 Edition

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself in the past year and a half. When dad passed, I hit an all time low. Before that, I was working out here and there, moderately paying attention to my nutrition. In the two weeks after dad passed, I wanted to do little else besides laying on the couch. I realized I needed a change. In the midst of the revelation, I found this awesome gym near me solely based on high intensity interval training. Since then, I can now almost do a pull up (or as my husband likes to call it a hold up since I jump to hold myself up), I deadlift almost 100lbs. I’ve met awesome people I can brainstorm nutrition with and we help to hold each other accountable. I try to follow the mantra, “everything in moderation.” Some days are better than others. But as a whole, I’m happier with myself, which has only helped other aspects of my life. And I’m finally in pre-prego clothes (almost 4 years later)! New things definitely aren’t easy, but most of the time are worth trying!

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