Came back from Italy with a sinus infection – good times – and have been trying to recover slowly, but surely. More to come soon…

Basta, pasta.

Greetings from Rome!

After landing here on Wednesday morning and suffering a nasty bout of both jet lag and a head cold, I’m finally starting to gain lucidity and enjoy all of the wonderful sites this city has to offer.

I’ve been taking pictures diligently and promise to post them and a link to the slideshow on the blog when I return.

Grazie mille to my fantastic cousin for letting me use her computer while I’m here! Tanti baci, cugina!

Spaghetti westerner

Saluti, amici!

Sono eccitato che sto andando per un meraviglioso viaggio a Roma per visitare mio cugino. Tornerò in una settimana e avrà alcune fantastiche foto da condividere.

Godetevi la settimana!


It’s quite a lazy Saturday for me, so instead of taking the time and effort to post something original, witty, and insightful, I will share with you some pretty neat findings and/or items I’ve snagged off other folks’ blogs and hope you are as amused as I am:

Demetri Martin: Superfun good times…and he hails from my home state of New Jersey (represent!).

Disapproving Rabbits: Anything can set these guys off.

Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography: Stuff is cool close up.

The Onion

Rainn Wilson’s monologue on SNL: I want to make out with The Office.


You know what? Today, my hair looked awesome despite the 65% humidity, I was incredibly productive at work, and I just blasted through four hours of solidly entertaining shows on DVR.

It’s not often everything lines up like this for me, so I wanted to be sure it was in writing.